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Colorado Beekeeping Associations with Swarm Hotlines

Posted on 05/29/2018
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Colorado Beekeeping Associations with Swarm Hotlines

In many areas of the state there are Swarm Hotlines that can connect you with a local beekeeper. If arrangements can be made, the swarms may then be removed and housed in a managed apiary.

The statewide hotline established by the Colorado Beekeepers Association is 1-844-779-2337 (844-SPY-BEES) This system will then try to route you to a local beekeeper who has expressed willingness to collect swarms.

However, it is often more direct to go through the swarm collection system set up by regional beekeeping associations in the state. Several such associations exist and a list of those that have their own Swarm Hotlines follows:

Northern Colorado Beekeepers Association

(Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Berthoud)
Swarm Hotline (970) 658-4949

Pikes Peak Beekeepers Association

Swarm contact Lazarus Fields at (765) 425-1940 or e-mail:

Western Colorado Beekeepers Association

Swarm Hotline: (970) 812-0080

Boulder Beekeepers Association

Boulder County Swarm Hotline 1-844-779-2337

4 Corners Beekeepers Association

4 Corners Swarm Hotline (970) 946-0697

Denver Bee

List of swarm contacts in the Denver area

Brighton Bee Club Info and Swarm Hotline

Swarm Hotline (303) 552-9841