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Application Process

Colorado Gardening Certificate Application

Colorado Gardening Certificate training has unlimited space.  The deadline for Colorado Gardening Certificate applications are due December 31, 2020.  For full details and application, please visit Colorado Gardening Certificate Program.

Colorado Master Gardener Application

Spring Training Applications are being accepted now for 2021.  The Weld County deadline for Colorado Master Gardener Applications is November 20, 2020 but may fill up fast due to our limited spaces available.  For full details and the application, please visit Colorado Master Gardener Program.

Colorado Master Gardener programs operate at the county level, with primary support from the county government. Applicants should apply to their home county; those whom apply to the Weld County CMG program must complete their volunteer hours in Weld County. Colorado Gardening Certificate training is provided for educational purposes only and participants are not eligible to volunteer for the CMG program in Weld County.

If you have questions on the application process for the Colorado Master Gardener Program or Colorado Gardening Certificate Program, please contact Sunshine Gearhart, Coordinator of the Weld County Colorado Master Gardener Program.

Sunshine Gearhart
(970) 400-2080